Swaggle : Group text messaging, on-the-fly coordination

Swaggle SMS

Using Swaggle is easy. To sign up, just send a text message (SMS) from your mobile phone to Swaggle, 206-954-5264. For example, you could send:

.join your_group_name


.create your_group_name

Sending messages

The first group you join is your default group. Any message you send to Swaggle that isn't a command (like ".join"), we'll assume was meant for your default group, so we'll send it to out to them.

Of course, you can be a member of more than one group, so you can specify which group you want to send a message to by starting your message with the group's name followed by a colon:

mygroup: Happy hour now at McPhee's

This will go everyone in "mygroup"

Most of the other things you need to do with Swaggle, like create and join groups, invite people, etc, can be done through the web site. You can do most of these things through SMS, as well, if you prefer.

Basic Commands

<group>: <message>: Sends a message to everyone in a particular group (e.g., "ultimate: game at Cal Anderson NOW!").

<name>: <message>: Sends a message to another Swaggle user (e.g., "JohnS: I like you!").

.JOIN <group>: Adds you to a group.

.QUIT <group>: Removes you from a group.

.QUIT Removes you from the Swaggle service entirely.

Advanced Commands

.CREATE <group>:Creates a new group and adds you to it.

Groups can be private, meaning new members must be invited by an existing member (using the .INVITE command) or approved by the owner. Include the keyword "private" to create a private group: .CREATE ultimate private

Groups can be broadcast-only, meaning only the owner can send messages to the group. Messages sent by members to the group will only be delivered to the group owner. Include keyword "broadcast" to create a broadcast-only group: .CREATE flashmob broadcast.


.INVITE <group> <one or more 10 digit phone numbers and/or names>: Invites people to join the group. If the group is private and you are a member, this pre-authorizes the invitee(s) to join. Swaggle names can be used in addition to phone numbers: .INVITE flashmob 2065551234 2064441234 karlc


.HUSH: Mutes Swaggle until 8 am the next morning (Pacific Time)Messages sent to your groups during this time will not be delivered to you at all.

You can also specify a particular day to hush until by sending .HUSH September 1 or .HUSH 9/1/07.

To start receiving messages again send .HUSH off.


.DEFAULT <group>: This will set your default group.

.DEFAULT: Find out what your default group is.

.NAME <name>: Sets your Swaggle name (e.g., ".NAME Michelle")

.ECHO <ON / OFF>: Sets whether you will receive copies of messages you send. On by default.

.REPORTER <group> <name>: Designates the person named as a "reporter" for a broadcast-only group, meaning they can send messages to the full group. Only an owner can designate a reporter: .REPORTER newsevents WalterC.

.BOOT <group> <name>: Removes the person named from the group named. Only an owner may boot members from a group.

.PWD <newpassword>: Resets your Swaggle web site password.

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