Swaggle : Group text messaging, on-the-fly coordination

Support Swaggle

We hope you're enjoying Swaggle! Help us keep it running by upgrading:

Free Basic Premium
Cost $7 / month $17 / month
Maximum members
per group
17 40 100
Outgoing Messages*
per 10 minutes
60 100 200
Group Name
Group Name

* "Outgoing messages" refers to the number of messages sent to your group. If your group has 10 members and two send a message to the whole group, that's 20 outgoing messages.

Note that these limits are per 10 MINUTES. There are no monthly limits on the number of messages you can send, only have fast you can send them.

In some cases, we can make exceptions, but the limits are driven partly by our equipment's ability to handle the loads. E-mail us at jordan@swaggle.mobi with questions. Thanks!

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