Swaggle : Group text messaging, on-the-fly coordination

About Swaggle

Swaggle is a simple, free, group-centric SMS service. When you send an SMS to a group through the Swaggle service, it will automatically be sent on to everyone in that group. For example, let's say your name is Jojo and you are an ultimate Frisbee enthusiast. You might join the "ultimate" group. When you wanted to organize a pick-up game some sunny Saturday, you could simply send:

Ultimate: pick-up game at Cal Anderson park at 1 pm

to the service, and everyone else who has joined "ultimate" would get the message:

Jojo to ultimate (35): pick-up game at Cal Anderson park at 1 pm

The "(35)" tells you how many other people are in the group.

Instead of general groups like "ultimate" or "yoga", you can also give your group of friends a unique name like "HEPCATS" and use Swaggle to stay in touch and coordinate your evenings.

If you've ever used a service like Dodgeball or Twitter, you'll notice Swaggle is similar. However, instead of your messages going to your social network and the replies from your friends going to their social networks, all messages go to a consistent group, so you can have conversations and maintain context.

Get Started

Since Swaggle is all about sending messages to groups, you really have to be a member of a group to do anything with it. If you're not already, ask a friend who is to invite you, or create your own.

Swaggle is designed to be usable entirely via SMS, as well. Take a look at the list of SMS commands.

Swaggle is an experimental service ("BETA" in the vernacular). If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, please send them our way. We're always looking for ways to improve the service.


We'd love to hear from you, about anything. Contact Jordan Schwartz with whatever's on your mind.

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